5 most popular and most effective ways to promote your music


The internet has changed the music industry so much for good. Technologies like file sharing, streaming and social media are giving artists more opportunities to expose their music to larger audiences and increase their fan base. The downside of having so many options is that choosing the best ways to promote your music online can be challenging.
To help you, I put together a list of the 5 most popular and most effective ways to promote your music online:


  1. Create your Music Website with E-great studios
  2. Promote your Song on Newzandar & Praizarena
  3. Get your own YouTube Channel
  4. Upload your music to Spotify
  5. Host your Song on Apple Music / iTunes
  6. Use Hashtags on Twitter (@TwitterMusic)


1. Record your Song with E-great studios

When it comes to recording your music, E-great studio doesn’t skip a beat. An all encompassing recording solution, E-great studio has you covered with all the tools you need to get the best of you song.


2. Promote your Song on Newzandar.com & Praizarena.com

One of the main reasons you got into music in the first place was to play in front of a crowd. Help ensure that people get t know your talent promoting you song on newzandar.com and praizarena.com. With location based targeting.
That means that getting your song on praizarena.com and newzandar.com will earn you some serious street credits, and some genuine new fans. You will find their email addresses or social channels listed at the end of their posts, so try reaching out to them with a short intro and a link to one of your songs. A post on a blog in your town or city can help you generate a devoted local fans.


3. Get your own YouTube Channel

Artists that you’ve probably heard of like Frank Edwards, Eben and Sinach all have one thing in common: they were all discovered on YouTube. If you’re itching to get your music to the masses, you better believe that you need a YouTube channel to get you started.

4. Host your Music on Apple Music / iTunes

The default music service for all Apple products, Apple Music & iTunes are widely regarded for hosting the largest online music library in the world. The new Apple Music service goes one step beyond being the online home for your digital music collection – they want to help users discover new tunes based on what they’re already listening to. Could that be your band?


5. Upload your music to Spotify


One of the biggest mobile and desktop apps in the world, Spotify takes the listening experience to a whole new level. Spotify has almost every recorded artist in their libraries, so you would absolutely want to be there too. With their super-amazing Discover tool for finding new artists, your channel might get connected with bigger names that play similar music.


6. Use Hashtags on Twitter (@TwitterMusic)

The front page of all things breaking, Twitter’s the perfect place for music fans to find their next favorite band. Give them the opportunity to find you first by using popular hashtags like #music, #rap, #jazz or the music style of your choice when tweeting out new tunes. Also, keep an eye out for hot music hashtags like #MusicMonday and #NewMusicFriday when operating your band’s twitter account for added exposure.


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