Breaking News: Operation Feed a Child

Breaking News: Operation Feed a Child
Breaking News: Operation Feed a Child
If you’re privileged to go to CKC and Bata, you meet a portion of the society that few care about Homeless_kids. They run around people seeking for alms and a few change to eat for the day, Sure! Such kids are people too. They deserve to be cared for. By God’s grace, on the 28th of this month, #TITFOR would be celebrating children’s day with them. In case, you’re interested to support these ones this season, this is your chance. So many people are so shy to give them 50 naira, but we aren’t shy. We’re embarking on #OPERATION_FEED_A_CHILD and your rice, onion, Maggi, pepper or even 200 naira can go a long way to put smile on someone’s face today.

TITFOR means The Ideal Teens Forum- a platform carried by the vision of a vibrant and passionate young lady Bookie Eyes(Facebook name)


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