Download: Alagbara – Marygold Odu ft. Tonia Omoh

Download: Alagbara - Marygold Odu ft. Tonia Omoh
Amazing gospel singer Marygold Odu ushers the world to worship as she drops another explosive single titled “ALAGBARA” today on her birthday 13-10-2020.
The  Nigerian gospel artiste that is renowned for her indigenous style and rich musical appeal makes a very loud sound of worship to GOD Almighty in this soul lifting piece with an urban feel that effortlessly pulls you to the throne room of Grace on bended knees with an extravagant and lavish outpour of praise and worship to our King JESUS.A heartfelt delivery in songs, lauding and hailing Master JESUS, calling Him by His titles and by the names exclusively reserved to Him.
This Powerful song has Pastor Tonia Omoh featured on it and was beautifully produced by SongsP Oluwatosin
Stream and get Alagbara 
Lyrics : Alagbara – Marygold Odu
Alagbara 3x
Aseda Orun
mo yin yan l’ogo
Oba Iye,
Oba Ogo
Alashe Orun
Olorun Orun
Olorun to joko lori ite mimo
O’wun lo’n gba ni
Eru re ba mi o
Oba nla…
    Repeat solo1
Alagbara  3x
Aseda Orun
Mo yin yan l’ogo
     Solo 2
The Living God
King of Glory
Sitteth in the holiest
God of Heaven
The ruler of the heavens
Great and mighty God is your name
I Tremble at your presence
Oba nla……..  …
Alagbara  3x
Aseda Orun
Mo yin yan l’ogo.


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