Download: Amanda – Your Name is Jesus

Download Amanda - Your Name is Jesus

ChimAmanda K. popularly known as Amanda is a fast-rising gospel music minister who had found favor before the Lord and had been given a special grace to bless the souls of men. Her music ministry had recorded lots of healings, breakthroughs and had lifted the souls of men and reconciled many back to God.
The song “Your name is Jesus” was inspired by a testimony of a woman who God blessed with the fruit of the womb after years of barrenness, a testimony of how God lifted a heart pain that had lasted four more than a decade under her ministration. (Truly what God cannot do doesn’t exist).

ChimAmanda had discovered her place of relevance in God and had “overtime” stuck to doing the work of the father and that is why people can’t help but melt and lose themselves willingly under her ministration.

“Your name is Jesus” is a healing song by Amanda and trust me when I say, it is really one that should be downloaded by whoever desires the healing and touch of the Lord who Is the ALMIGHTY HEALER.

This song is Produced by DrNezer.

Lyrics – Your Name is Jesus
You are here blessing everyheart
You are here mending every soul
Your glory had covered the atmosphere Jeeeeesus
What you say that you will do
Jesus you never fail to do your glory saturating the atmosphere Jeeeeesus
Unchangeable changer
Miracle worker
Jehovah Ebenezer my help in ages past
You are still in the business of doing good
Come and do it againooo
Cus u never fail you never change you never lie your name is Jesus
Call: Your name is Jeeeeesus
Res: your name is Jesus (4*)
You are a miracle worker
Onye na ekwe nkwa meta
Ochiri ozua ndi nso
Nna nke na adigi aharipumo

You never fail you never lie you disappointed your name is Jesus your name is Jesus
What you cannot do doesn’t exist no way
Your name is Jeeeeesus
Call him
Res: Jeeeeesus (4*)
Come and fix
Come and mend
Come and build
Come and transform
Come and mend
Come and change
Come and fix
Come and transform
Come and fix
Come and mend
Come and change
Come and transform
Come and build
Come and mend
Come and change
Come and transform
Go ahead and call him
Then the tongues


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