Download: Austen – Stand Up

Download: Austen - Stand Up

A debut single from Ojukwu Augustine popularly known as “Austen”.
Austen discovered his musical talent at a very tender age and through the help of his elder sister Ugonma Ojukwu made a strong decision to pursue a carrier in music.
He graduated from OC Peters institute in the year 2018,and since then has not seized to aspire for greater musical achivements.
“STAND UP” is a song with an unconventional message that will motivate and inspire every listener.
The producer and co-writer “OC Peters” in his words will say “stand up will help you stand out”.
Watch out for more interesting and inspiring hits from “AUSTEN”.


Vase 1
It’s true they say you’re nothing
You sub and cry while they are laughing
You have a story to tell,no one to listen (listen 2×)
Your heart break’s,your feet trembles
You are shattered by the day…

Vase 2
You play by the roles,they have written
So open your eyes see the illumination
Wear confidence like garment
Cause the lions cub will never lament at the sight of danger.

Stand up (3×). 4×
Stand up for who you are

They think that we are dum,so we just gat to listen.
They acquired realities better than our mission.
They break our speed and place there limitations.
Even if the make no sense they don’t care about the consequences.

Hands on my side,they tell me how to live,they tell me places to go and things that I do.
I give up myself living in the shadows of another mans dream.
I ask myself,so woda is wrong with me.
When am a gana wake up to face ma reality.

I left my home when they call me tata.
Travel to a strange land,never had a shelter.
No mother,no father.
While I hustle I prayed,tho I have muscles I cried.
But my tears made me better and stronger and smarter.
That’s reality

Vase 3
Look into yourself see what you’re made of.
You’re blessed,you are special,you are favored.
Don’t let anybody tell you who you’re not.
Live your life to the fullest.
Be positive.

( Repeat chorus )

Keep your head high. (3×)
Don’t give up on yourself.

Jise ike n’alu olu
Onye olu nyere ugwo


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