Download: Elijah Ben Winter – Anya Ahube (Eyes has not seen) ft De-Evolution

Download: Elijah Ben Winter - Anya Ahube

Elijah Ben Winter rleases a new rap single with De-Evolution titled Anya Ahube. 


Rap One

The said we blow in shame
The said gat no fame
Thanks to the lamb for his precious name
J E S U S we are standing firm
And now I change this game
Me; I raise the death
Me; I heal the sick
The blind see me see
And blesses all we see
Back then was pain over gain
Now gain over pain
This kind of love I can’t even explain
Em the burst, burst my brain
We over came them by the blood of the lamb and the words of our testimony
That’s my confession that’s my claim
Worth is the lamb
That was stain

All praise be to his holy name

I’m the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus
All matter what you do, you can’t fight me or Chuck me scissors
Cos my life is getting better
and serious
And I’m speed up like fast and furious


Anya Ahube
Nti anube
What will come out of me nwanne nkea adibe
Ju ikwu na ibe
E …….ya

Rap Two

The said me I die hahahaha
The devil is a lie
You need to push your fire
Jesus my heart desires
Me I’m getting high
Let Jesus be your every day gist
And anything he can’t do for you
bro, no exist
And leaving life outside Christ you’re just taking a risk
And let no man trouble you cos you bear his make
And let nothing make you feel like you don’t deserve the best
” You’re the apple of his eyes now you understand take the lead cos you’re the best”
Every contradiction is up right till the righteousness I know that’s my right

Let them go on
Let say what the want to say
Let do what the want do
You love and you’ve chosen me
You Given everything to love and to hold you ×2
Now I know
Thanks you Jesus for your blood×2
Your blood wash my sin and set me free



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