Download: JayKay – Igwe


The song Igwe is a song describing God in His mightiness, MIN JAYKAY goes on to call God Ntanta mmiri n’eju ala{tiny droplets that fill the earth}
She goes on to recognize God as the one who spreads over the earth like Job said in
Job 26:14
Behold, these are but the outskirts of his ways, and how small a whisper do we hear of him! But the thunder of his power who can understand?
Our God is indescribable, no height is enough to measure the length of His love.

JayKay – Igwe (Lyrics)

Igwe ohh
Igwe eh
Esoro Amara uzo {Igwe}
Igwe my Father{Igwe}
Igwe my lover {Igwe}
Your Kingdom is forever{×2}

You are my healer{Igwe}
You are my King ohoh{Igwe}
Esoro Amara uzo{Esoro Amara uzo Igwe}
Igwe your Kingdom reigns forever
You reign in majesty
Your Kingdom is forevermore

Oba Kariaye{The God who spreads over all the earth}
Olorun iyanu{The Supreme God}
No height is enough
To measure the length of your love oh,
Jesus,you do amazing,
You do magnificent things
My lover,
You do wonderful
You do supernatural things
Esoro Amara uzo
Onye n’eme MMA ehhhh
Your Kingdom is forevermore
(Tuo ya Igwe)

Everything you created,
The trees and the firmaments
The birds and seas all declare
That you are King of all the earth
You reign in majesty
King of eternity oh
Eze uwa niile{King of all the earth}
Kabiesi o!{Oh King}
Kabiesi o!{Oh King}
IGA Achi n’ime ndu m o{You will reign in my life}
Your Kingdom is forevermore


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