Download: Mr. Kels – Count your Blessings Ft Muzik Son, Dr Vybz and Helen Chani.

Download: Mr. Kels - Count your Blessings Ft Muzik Son, Dr Vybz and Helen Chani.

Count Your Blessings is an inspirational song birthed from a grateful heart.
Coming from the YGCX RECORDS, is a gospel rap song by Mr. Kels (Kelvin Oden) ft Muzik Son (George Manuel), Dr. Vybz (formerly Pro Vybez) and Helen Chani.
The song is designed to uplift your soul, bless your heart, and help you maintain gratefulness to God for every blessing.
This amazing song was produced by Shaker Man’s Studios.

Count Your Blessings Lyrics :

  Mr. Kels (rap):

Count your blessings, name them one by one.
Many blessings that you can’t recall.
Go get your notepads and write ’em all.
It will surprise you, what the Lord has done.
Reminiscing, God has been so good.
So I’m elevating God’s praises in my hood.
I’ll sing about it, everywhere I go.
I will, praise Him, everywhere I go.
My heart rejoices, and my soul is leaping.
Cos I’m basking in God’s mercy and grace and I know it.
I stay so fly.
God has blessed my life.
His love never fails, just like a balm, it soothes my pains.

Helen Chani (Pre Hook) :
My God is so good.
I can tell it all.
God is so good I can tell it all.
God is so good I can tell it all…
I can tell it all.

Muzik Son (Hook):
Count your blessings, name them one by one.
And it will surprise you what has done for y’all (x2)

Dr Vybez (rap):
Like the Dracula, I was a lost count.
Now I got so many blessings kinda lost count. See I saty thankful, cos He keeps my tank full. And that’s proof of the mark of the Lord’s hand on my body like a tattoo

I feel like I don’t deserve it.
I know and know that I got to serve Him.
When I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
See I’ll never doubt Him cos His love is certain.
Yo can see that my God is working.
He found me when I wasn’t searching.
He came t take away my burdens and make me like Superman, strong and mighty.
My God is amazing, I’m gonna give Him the praises. All of my fingers ar raising. I gottat testify.
I’m never forsaken, all of my blessings I’m taking. I’m feeling sorry for Satan cos he is paralyzed.
Been thankful is my attitude. A rap of the year, it’s my gratitude. I cross the globe like latitude.
Counting my blessings, no abacus.
(Repeat pre hook and Hook)

Helen Chani(Verse):
The Lord is my light and my salvation. I will fear no evil.
From my mother’s womb You knew me,
Yo called me me chose me.
Thy goodness and mercy they follow me..
Everyday of my life.
Now where others go and fail..
I’ll surely go qnd win win win (yeah)
Yes I win win win.
Cos all I do is win win win.
My God has blessed me (yeah)
I am favoured (yeah)
I’m a victor(yeah)
Abraham’s blessings are mine.
My God has blessed me(yeah)
I am favoured(yeah)
I’m a victor(yeah)
Abraham’s blessings are mine.

 Mr Kels (rap):

I’ll scream about it, I’ll talk about it.
Lift those hands and shout about it.
If you’re grateful just testify.
So count your blessings of you know what what mean.
Cos I got some friends inf jail. Got family members in grave.
It could have been l, should have been, would have been me.
But God stepped in.
In a miracle of mercy, He gave me grace.
The witches tryna hate me.
The devil tryna curse me.
And my past tryna steal everything that God wanted to do in my life.
With Justice demanding that I give up and die.
Mercy stepped in and said “I’ll give you another chance”.
So I wanna thank Him for grace.
One day, I’m gonna see His face.
Even as as run this race.
Blessed, I’ll feel Your embrace.

  (Repeat Pre-Hook and Hook) 

Muzik Son (Ending):
Na God eh
Na God dey do am(x3)
And it will surprise you what the Lord Lord done for y’all.


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