Download: Splendour – Ekwueme – Tuwale (Cover)

Download: Splendour - Ekwueme - Tuwale (Cover)

Download: Splendour – Ekwueme – Tuwale (Cover)

Ekwueme -Twale is a beautiful fusion of powerful lines from Ekwueme by Prosper Ochimana and Twale by Flo. The new melody and unique sound by Splendour is really touching and inspiring. Thousands of people are testifying all over the media that this Cover was inspired by God indeed.

“During one of my regular midnight worship/rehearsals, I just started singing this version of Ekwueme. The words kept coming including my favorite lines from Twale and the melody was so beautiful. Luckily, my host captured it on her phone and suggested I upload it on Instagram. Few seconds later, Mr Prosper reposted it on his wall, Praise World Radio did too, and then I woke up to see over 126K views on Facebook! People were sharing great testimonies and asking for the full song. Here it is!”Splendour


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