Download: Victor Ude-Okenwa – Everyday

Download: Victor Ude-Okenwa - Everyday

Victor Udeh-Okenwa releases his debut single titled Everyday. He is a Nigerian contemporary gospel musician born in Abia state.
His love for music started at a tender age, surrounded by older siblings who were themselves music lovers, he recalls demanding for the Walkman as birthday gifts from family and friends.
It was not until 2010 that he first joined a choir which proved to be a starting point for his call into the music ministry, as he would lead the choir at both fellowship and joint fellowship levels 3 years later by what he calls “divine election”,seeing that he was the least qualified to lead the choir given the immensity of the duty.
This was when he sought out to learn an instrument, the acoustic guitar was his choice. And what a choice it was, his style of music is remarkable to say the least.

In 2015, he claims to have received the call formally from God, and God only sent him forth this year.

In what he has called the grace release, he is set to release 5 songs in the coming weeks as he seeks to in His words “make Jesus famous”. Everyday is the first of the five to be released.

Everyday was birthed in the place of meditation where the truth of how blessed we are as believers was revealed.

The writer through the song seeks to remind us that the blessedness in Christ should be enjoyed everyday, seeing that the Lord is always for us.
And because His thoughts for us are for good and not for evil, no evil can be against us. As a matter of truth, even the plans of the enemy will fall in place to bring God’s perfect purpose to pass in our lives.

The song reminds us to believe that, and believe it enough to change our perspectives of what happens to us. Knowing that they all are working together for our good. And knowing it enough to speak it as often as we can, for through our words, we create our reality everyday.

E-great adds his masterpiece production to give the song a vibe that will endear the heart of the hearers.


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