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One major evidence of life is growth.

The growth of a baby is the most visible growth. You watch her crawl, then stand, then walk. You notice she’s no longer 1ft but 2ft tall. It’s obvious she’s now more audible with her words. And before you know what’s happening, the baby you were breastfeeding is now in Crèche. She doesn’t just stop there, she keeps growing. And in the next 20 years, she’s done with College. And you are like WOW! Isn’t it just yesterday I was changing your diapers? But guess what? She keeps growing!

When she becomes an adult, the real desire for growth emerges and increases with such a magnitude every single day. Isn’t it funny? That the boy who wants to grow as tall as his mates, and the girl who wants to become as curvaceous as her friends, are not even as passionate about growth as the man who is seemingly already grown up? Ironic right?

This becomes the time you want to prove your existence, you want to have an evidence. This becomes the time you want to launch your brand, market your product. You really want to become a reasonable and respected citizen in the society. Yes! We all do!

To further assist this burning desire to achieve and make a mark, tradition came up with an age long practice – The New Year Resolution
This is a practice that helps us evaluate our past year’s successes and failures, and brainstorm within ourselves on how we can achieve more in the coming year.

Of course the rich wants to get richer, the poor wants to become rich, the successful wants to become more successful, and the smart wants to get smarter.

We all have good thoughts and plans towards our future, hence we write these “New Year Resolutions” fancifully. We treat them as sacred, put them in a neat file and take them to our churches. We pray with them and sow heavy seeds on their behalf. WOW! What a commitment!

But how many of us can boldly say at the end of the year, “I met my goals for this year”?

In other words; why are we much more committed to writing it, praying about it, and sowing seeds in church than we are to actually keeping it?

Very Simple. The average attention span of the gold fish is nine seconds. But according to a research on 15th May 2015, it was proven that people now generally lose concentration after eight seconds. Eight seconds!
It took you an effort to read this article to this point, didn’t it? Well if it didn’t, thank you for proving that research wrong! (Smiles)

Humans are naturally lazy. So keeping up with a whole year’s plan? When you’ve got TV, a very cozy bed, a smart phone, wonderful gist partners, Naija Bet, Soccer? I mean, how? Who does that?

We give up very soon and very easily too. We resort to the prayers we offered and the seed we sowed to work for us. And before you blink, it’s December! And we are taking stock, and deciding that we must be better next year. But it’s the same ole story. We don’t ever get better.


New Year Resolutions? Never!
How about “New Day Resolutions” ?
Break your mighty goals into smaller goals. How?

~If the goal is to be achieved at the end of the year, divide it into two majors. One for the first half of the year, the other for the second half.

~Divide the first major into two, three, six or as you can handle. That’s having a target for every two months, three months, or every month respectively.

Keep breaking all these massive goals into smaller achievable passes. Remember, the team that scores the goal on the football pitch doesn’t just kick the ball from the centre of the pitch to the opponent’s post, there are calculated passes from player to player opposing oppositions from the opposing team until the ball hits the net.

Same goes with big dreams. Break them into daily, weekly, monthly targets. Have something you’ve achieved in a day. Have a reason to celebrate every week. Celebrate your little successes. That will keep you motivated and inspired to achieve the great goal.
And just like the footballer, avoid the distractions, because surely, they will come.

And here’s something about practice; Practice doesn’t just make perfect, it makes permanent! The more you keep at it, the better you get at it, and the more stuck you are to it!

Now I can heave a sigh of relief and say, “HAPPY NEW YEAR” (smiles)


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